About Our Farm


About Thames Turf

Thames Turf at Lillibrooke Farm is the largest turf grower in Berkshire, a family run Business since the late 1980’s, it is also a working Arable Farm.

What makes Thames Turf so unique ? …Chris is very passionate about his product and knows what people expect for their lawn ie good colour, durability, root zones, drought tolerant etc so he chooses each seed variety by its specific merit. We cut all turf to order just before it’s collected and are more than happy for you to watch it being cut on the fields. Our motto is “Cut and lay the same day”


We recycle a number of products.

Natural Green Products otherwise known as Green Waste from your gardens which all gets processed/ recycled and turned into a rich compost that then gets spread on our fields.

Concrete/Hardcore processed into a Type 1 and type 2 product.

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We can source any type of grass by request.