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All our turf is locally grown on free draining sandy soils using only the top quality varieties which can be broken down  to the following groups:

TT3   A hardwearing turf comprising of dwarf perennial rye grasses, Kentucky blue grass, creeping red and chewings fescues and highland bent grasses.  This is our most popular turf as it is ideal for the domestic market.  It is also perfect for sports pitches and playing field recommended mowing height 20mm.  Benefits with regular feeding and watering.

TT2   A hardwearing alternative to TT3 – the difference being the absence of rye grass but a far higher percentage of Kentucky blue grass and the inclusion of hard fescue.  The sward the maintains good wear tolerance but slower growing varieties, recommended mowing height down to 15mm. Good degree of drought and shade tolerance.

TT1   Green mixes available for golf, bowling greens and ornamental lawns.  Only suitable if grounds maintained by greenkeeper/full time gardener.

Ecology Turf  -  This is used throughout the film industry and  bespoke projects.  Not suitable for a domestic  lawn.  Consists of tall fescues and Kentucky blue grass, no weed control.   Harvested up to 4 inches long.
We can source any type of grass by request.

Grass seed and wild flora seeds supplied – please ring for information.  We are agents for Barenbrug Sports and Amenity Grass Seed.

Top Soils – 8mm Type 1 – locally screened mineral soils available loose or bulk bag. Tested and accredited to BS 3882 (2007).

8mml Type 2 – Screened to 8mm. The 8mm has a higher mineral content than type1 soil. Available loose or bulk bag.

40mm Type 3 – ideal for budget application – good value soil.

Fen Soil
Mushroom Compost,
Bedding Mix
Horticultural Sand
Full range of Barks
Crushed Concrete
Crushed Asphalt
Railway Sleepers

Lawns dressing 70/30 blend of horticultural sand and fen soil.

thames turf
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